E.M.A Raptors and E.M.A. Hawks (4-6 year olds)

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Your 4-6 year old will love our E.M.A. Raptor and E.M.A. Hawks programs.  They are  truly our  favorite ones! These little guys are full of energy and enthusiasm, eager to learn. Your little one will learn about coordination, balance, directions, and all the basics of martial arts training. Not to mention how to focus, listen and follow instructions. In addition to regular classes we also offer sparring class for E.M.A Hawks. Here they gain that extra self confidence while learning how to handle real fighting situations, balancing strength and control, and getting sweaty, getting in shape, and getting tough.   We also know that you, as a parent need some relaxation time, so while you watch your child practice, you could grab a cup of coffee, tea and snack. If you just want to chill out or take care of your young toddler, we have a parent/kid lounge room where your kid can play with LEGO, draw, read or watch TV. Something for everyone!

E.M.A. Raptors

Raptors is the name of our young children’s program.  Formerly they were referred to as “Little Ninjas.”  This group is usually comprised of children as young as 3 and as old as 6.  Most children that fall in this age range will do very well to start their martial arts journey here, as it is a great introduction to our regular “basic” children’s program.

E.M.A. Hawks

The Hawk program is for younger children who have either graduated our Raptor program, or have been invited by the instructor.  Hawks are young, but they are typically not beginners.  They have displayed that they have what it takes to continue their martial arts training at a more challenging level.  Hawks have their own belt system and we don’t have complex patterns for them as young children struggle to comprehend material designed for older people.




Generally students 7 and older will join our “basic” beginner program.  We pride ourselves in our talent for teaching young people.  Here, they will learn about discipline, respect, honor, and hard work. In this class, they will receive our traditional martial arts training which will include but is not limited to: patterns, focus pad attacks, kicking practices, and sparring (fighting).




BBC is the abbreviation for Black Belt Club.  Black Belt Club members have been personally invited by the instructors to be a part of a more challenging level of martial arts training.  This will include but is not limited to advanced fighting techniques, weapons such as bo staff, nunchucks, kamas, escrima, etc., and real defense techniques.  To be clear, real defense techniques is the term we use to describe the real life situation which may occur such as a person attacking you with a knife.  Black Belt Club members also have the opportunity to train more often.



Master Club Program is even more advanced level of martial arts training.  Masters Club members will be trained in more intricate fighting techniques such as grappling, advanced weapons training, kicks and tricks (stunt Martial Arts), and Kali.  Kali is a very sophisticated stick and knife fighting of Filipino origin.  In the Masters Club, students may be invited to join our most elite program – our competition team: XtrEMA Team.



In order to qualify for the XtrEMA Team, a student needs to be a member of the Masters Club and be handpicked by the instructor.  This team trains and competes at an extremely high and challenging level.  Therefore, being a team member is a high commitment of time, energy, and parent involvement.



Adults and teens can choose between Basic and Master’s Club Programs.  Here we focus on the three “f’s” of our training: fitness, flexibility, and force.  You will be confident in your improvement in physicality, strength, focus, and self-discipline. Martial arts has many benefits for men and women at any age or physical level. It is a full fitness sport, promoting self-defense, health and confidence. Our curriculum calls for physical and mental conditioning while mastering skills like kicking, punching, and sparring. The full body workout improves coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Many men and women often enter our program with their children. It is a great way to have a common goal and interest, to share experiences and to promote friendships with them.

Videos of our Sparring Classes

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