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Eternal Martial Arts is located in the heart of the Silverlake area, three doors down from Cici’s Pizza and directly behind NTB.  Recently, the school has seen an explosion in growth and enthusiasm.  Serving the Pearland area since 9/11, Eternal Martial Arts has combined the love for Martial Arts training with family service.  Parents find the school a safe place and a second home for wearied workers and stressed mothers.  At Eternal Martial Arts, parents can relax, watch cable television, enjoy a fine cup of coffee, all while their children are being trained by knowledgeable and caring instructors.  In addition to the quick expansion of class times, the variety of the classes has changed as well.  Little Ninja classes are taught for children not quite ready for traditional lesson.  Eternal Martial Arts is for the young and the young at heart.  Pearland adults have been asking for a Martial Arts based fitness program.  Their answer came in the form of the “Power Fitness” class.  Expertly taught by 3 instructors, Power Fitness challenges students to get in shape, get flexible, and become their best selves!  Seeing the demand for quality babysitting, Eternal Martial Arts has added Parents Night Out Pearland to Friday evenings too.  It’s an inexpensive way for busy parents to get away for a night without worrying about their child.  Parent’s Night Out begins at 6:30 p.m. and costs $20.  For more information, contact Eternal Martial Arts at 713-436-4911 or email us at josh@eternalma.com


“We like to treat our students and their parents like they are part of our own family. We constantly strive to provide them with the best quality martial arts instruction, as well as services that benefit the whole family. There is no doubt in our minds that once you come to our school you will look no further and truly receive the best education and customer service around. You will be glad you joined us.”

~ Eternal Martial Arts’ Owners:

Master Joshua Hong, 6th Dan, Dr. Katarina Conrad, 1st Dan, Mr. Walter Rodriguez, 3rd Dan, & Dr. Emery D. Conrad

Ten Things Kids Learn From Martial Arts

Joshua Hong, 6th Degree Instructor & Owner

Master Hong became a 6th Dan (Degree) Black Belt in February of 2012.  This is the culmination of a martial arts career that spans decades and began when he was just 4 years old.  Master Hong, a tireless advocate for his students, is truly an exceptional teacher! Each lesson he gives, he does it with love, enthusiasm and energy.  He not only knows the art of taekwondo, but has a unique talent in transferring that knowledge to his students in an effective and inspirational way.  One of the things both parents and students enjoy is Master Hong’s short moral stories which are carried on beyond his classroom turning his students in not only skilled martial artists but good citizens of their country.  His ability of having a room full of hyper four-year-olds remain calm throughout a class period is an envy of many parents. No matter if his students are young or old, he challenges and inspires them alike,  giving them confidence in achieving their dreams, and changing their lives for better.  If anyone has found his calling in life that’s Master Hong. If you have a chance to be taught by him, consider it a privilege.



Walter Rodriguez, 3rd Degree Instructor

What can we say about Mr. Walter?: He’s the best!  Walter Rodriguez is an excellent instructor and a fantastic martial artist.  He is the literal definition of a courteous person.  You will not meet a more trustworthy, and respectable teacher anywhere.


Sean Salvino, 2nd Degree Assistant Instructor

Sean is our asset! Always willing to assist in whatever we need. Very reliable. And most importantly an honest and kind guy. One thing you might not know about Sean is that  his secret to his “floating like a butterfly” feet, when fighting,  is in his hip-hop dance moves. Check him out!


Natalia Almendariz, Office Assistant

Natalia is our latest member of EMA staff and she is a hard worker, very smily and kind. Kids love her! She keeps EMA organized and running smoothly.



Katarina Terzic Conrad, President & Co-Owner

Katarina is a two-time AAU National Champion (2011, 2012) in Point Sparing. After watching her son and husband train at Eternal Martial Arts for a few months she decided to join in. “That was the best thing I’ve done for myself. It empowered me not only physically but mentally as well. I became more focused, disciplined and driven which carried on not only through my taekwondo training but to finishing my long forgotten PhD program I once stopped after giving births to my two sons. Now I feel like a new person, who welcomes challenges.” These days you can find her both on the floor training and in the hallways greeting families especially kids.  Read more.


Emery D. Conrad, Vice President & Co-Owner of EMA

Emery joined Eternal Martial Arts School together with his son Sasha in 2010. He’s a tech savy guy who likes to hide behind a computer making EMA customers’ lives easier. There is no problem complex enough that he can’t solve it.




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